Forever Young Masterclass

This is a 6-week intensive longevity masterclass to reboot your system for optimal health and wellness.

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🌟 About Our 6 Week Masterclass 🌟

We believe you should do at least one major detox every year to reset your body to avoid dis-ease in the future, reduce inflammation and give your body and mind the best opportunity to thrive well into old age.

Yet some people have NEVER taken on a single detox. They live with pain and inflammation and medications that zap all their energy and vitality while heavily taxing their organs.

We are leading a 6-week intensive to help people through the detox process as well as working on all the mental aspects that support all over equilibrium in health.

We also teach you how to fulfill on life goals through an easy-to-follow strategy that you can use for life!

Unfold your dreams and desires one step at a time, step into your power and full self-expression

You will also receive a private Neuro-Linguistic programming session to uncover any blocks or sabotages that may be in your way.

We commence the first group on Sunday, September 19th, 2021. With a very limited number of spots available as this is semi-private coaching.


Our Core Principals to Accomplishment

Are Achieved by this Structure

What's Included

6 x 90 minute weekly coaching sessions - Valued at $2700

Personalized coaching and feedback on your Game of life - Valued at -$750

10-day detox guided by Paul - Valued at $800

Followed by whole 30 meal plan structure - Valued at $700

Goal strategy Plan for the 6 weeks for a bigger goal you need help achieving (yes your hand will be held) - Valued at $1000

Template to use the strategy for life - Valued at - Invaluable!!

1 x private NLP session with Kate to help remove sabotage and stand in your power - Valued at $300

Live cooking class - Valued at $300

Thriving community and powerful accountability group - $ Invaluable

Over $5,665 worth of Value for $1399.00

Live Coaching sessions


Live cooking session


Private NLP session


Powerful accountability Online community


Detox program


Break your addiction to sugar


Life strategy game plan



Learn how to dream big again

Learn easy strategies to fulfill your dreams one baby step at a time

Feel energetic and youthful in body & mind

Get connected to your why

Take control of your health

Renew your relationship to food

Discover how delicious real food that nourishes you can be

Use food as your medicine

Get off the toxic cycle of over-medicating

Be supported by coaches and an amazing community every step of the way

How to truly love yourself again

Learn what stops you and gets in the way of your success

Discover why you sabotage your body, your life, your relationships

Break your addiction to sugar

Who this is for:

If you're fed up, wanting new results in their life and not sure how to get them

If you feel stuck and need your hand held a little to help you up and out

If you have a sugar or any kind of food addiction

If you're ready for change

If you're looking to reverse years of aging

If you're looking for vitality and energy in a short space of time

If you're looking to release extra pounds of weight and emotional baggage

If you're looking to discover what gets in the way of you having success and your dreams fulfilled

If you're ready to break a toxic cycle

If you're ready to be set free from the identity of their past

If you're stuck in a medication loop

Looking for deep insight into the power and magic our bodies and minds have to heal and thrive

If you want to see how fast you can turn something that feels insurmountable around

If you're ready to be in the driver's seat of your life and no longer be a passenger

Who is this not for:

If you're a spectator and not ready to dig in and really make some changes

If you're not willing to share yourself vulnerably and authentically

If you refuse to be coachable

If you're not willing to take on the detox and commit to the food plan for the six weeks

If you are negatively judgmental of others

If you are unwilling to take new actions to get new results

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Our Coaching Areas

Life Strategy
Self love
Removing Sabotage


If you are closely committed to taking this program and have a few questions prior to purchasing, add your details and we will have someone connect with you to get your questions answered.