Welcome to The Freedom Portal, and our 6-Week Best You Breakthrough! This is your simple, effective and SUPPORTIVE roadmap to success, and it will launch you into a lifetime of feeling free: mind, body, heart and soul.

Freedom Alchemist is a well-established company, committed to producing life-changing programs that elicit freedom for the individual.

Best You Breakthrough is a transformative online wellness program that guides members through the process of turning pain into purpose, provides tools for creating the lives they truly love, and helps navigate health and wellness challenges on the path to mind, body and spiritual freedom.

Led by wellness experts Kate Austin and Paul Greene, Freedom Alchemist is powered by the Freedom Portal, a customized and community-based online wellness membership and accountability group. Kate is a highly sought-after Tony Robbins-trained strategic intervention coach and has her masters in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Paul has 28 years of experience in fitness strategies, detoxification prevention, longevity, and a passion for helping people realize freedom and feel great in their bodies at any age.



*Join now and invest only $125 for 6 weeks of Best You Breakthrough plus two 2 FREE weeks of Freedom Portal membership. Cancel membership at any time!

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When you join Best You Breakthrough, you are kickstarting a transformation: one where you can turn your trauma into triumph, shift your consciousness toward love and away from fear, and finally take control of your health and wellness.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: When you join, you’ll be guided through a simple yet super-effective wellness program, designed by Kate and Paul. This 6-week program allows you to truly learn grow, connect and see the magic start to happen! Investment for this program is $299 $125.

This 6-week guided journey includes:

Weekly coaching videos with stacks of life hacks and tested and proven information to get you moving and shaking




Weekly downloadable Action Guides to give you practical step-by-step support to guide you on your journey. 

2 x live coaching calls with Paul and Kate to personally work through any issues you're dealing with or share amazing breakthroughs & a dedicated Accountability Group to keep you on track and on purpose to fulfill your dreams

Access to all the work on an online app that is easily accessed on your computer or your mobile phone. 




STEP 2: At the end of 6 weeks, we will gift you two weeks in our Freedom Portal membership, where you will unlock additional resources, training videos and move into the next phase of your freedom roadmap. Not interested in staying after the two weeks? No problem! We’re happy to process a cancellation and your investment ends there.

But the Freedom Portal membership is where lasting change happens.

STEP 3: If you choose to continue with the Freedom Portal membership, you will lock in a discounted rate of $24.99/month — cancel at any time — and truly feel the FREEDOM you’ve been looking for: body, mind, heart and soul.

In the membership, you will unlock access to additional lessons on vitality, self-expression and connection.

Plus, our best Exercise & Diet Resources, Guided Meditations, Breath Work, Connection Exercises, Mindset Shifts, and Life Hacks as extra bonuses to all our members.

And of course, additional access to Paul and Kate as we guide you into a lifetime of freedom and develop even more of the amazing changes you’ll see in the first 6 weeks and beyond.


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The Freedom Portal is changing lives just like yours:

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