I’m so thankful that my path lead me to this opportunity and to Paul and Kate and Ruth and everyone who works hard to put this together and to all the kind people I have met on line and the continuing sharing of life that encourages and builds strength from all we have endured from the good and bad times of life. 

I hoped my life would change but I never expected to be able to help change the people I love the most as well❤️❤️

Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude and thankfulness!

Tammy Holzbach

Today my jacket is too big...I am down for 27 lbs plus 20 before Christmas. .....that’s my healthy eating....thanks to Paul and Kate.   My walking is becoming easier. This has been an incredible journey....lots of work and still more to do as year passes. I am so grateful, thankful and just plain over the moon for the teaching of Paul and Kate ...the breathing exercises, the confidence building, the incredible Breakthrough Beauties....love you all....so much support for each other. The song Let it Go along with the forgiveness exercise of writing letters and burning them took a ton of weight off my shoulders. I can certainly see taking this course again. I am not stopping.....lots of tools to try.....Thank you, thank you, thank you Paul and Kate for all your love ,support ,music, time....love you both and love how loving you are as a couple❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Bonita Greydanus

I feel more joyful & sexier than I have in a very long time. I am proud of the woman that I am. I am excited about my life & all of the beautiful miracles that I'm going to experience & co-create. I celebrate my child-like wonder!🥳

Thank you so incredibly much, Kate & Paul, for sharing your knowledge & experiences, for your support, your encouragement, a different perspective, your genuine love for life, each other & others. I am truly grateful for you both & everyone involved in The Breakthrough Journey. I have learned so much from ALL of you BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE‼️ I treasure all of you deep in my heart‼️💖

Stefani Lynn Wallace

Before & after pic! Down 17 1bs, eating healthy, exercising and feeling great! I just want to dance @ times so I do just that. Thank you to Paul Greene& Kate Austin for all you give in service to others. I am a life that was changed like so many others and not just physically. I am just happier in many ways. I live alone and this course certainly got me out of the rut I was in.Thankful for the wonderful people in my accountability group and for all of you. Here’s to another journey together soon. I love you all! #breakthroughboss

Teresa Hardee Cox

I made decision to join this Journey to try and feel better physically, spiritually and emotionally. It has been an awesome and exciting nine weeks with Paul and Kate. 

My declarations included Bible Study and prayer time. I love the medication exercises we do and use them regularly. 

The results of drinking Celery Juice daily has been a miracle for my body. I have also added and removed foods from my diet and am a healthier person. 

I love myself more when I exercise daily. Getting more sleep by going to bed earlier (miss late Hallmark Movies) has made a huge difference in my health.   

Losing eight pounds has been exciting. The breathing exercises are awesome

I reached out to my sister and began restoring a five-year broken relationship.  This was and still continues to be an exciting breakdown/breakthrough experience. Thanks for the encouragement to bringing love back to family. 

Continue to drink more water and declutter closets and garage. 

I had to learn how to do Zoom meetings but absolutely love the interaction with everyone. And, my accountability group, led by Patty Barrett Harvell, is so awesome!!!  I never dreamed these nine weeks could be so happy and rewarding. Thanks to Paul, Kate, Ruth Mayer Hill, and all my friends in “The Rolling Stones” group for this wonderful Journey.  Love all of you❤️

BettySue Smith

As this is our last Zoom meeting Iwanto Thank Paul and Kate for an another awesome Journey. I have a body that is bursting with more energy each day . My lungs are increasing their ability to deliver the air to my body. My walking and rebounding are taking me to new  goals. Slow and steady wins the race. I have had a few health issues during this 8 weeks course but have conquered them with the help and prayers of my Breakthrough Beauties. So grateful for these beautiful women in my group. 

My mind  and body are purring like a kitten 😄 It needed a good tune up  and now I  have  more tools to keep it healthy.

I am so grateful for all the beautiful people on this Journey . We all have conquered so much and owe Paul and Kate a huge Thank You . ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏

Early on I mentioned how when looking through labels both good and bad, one thing that came up for me was how I love feeling feminine and such but don't always take the time to do things like get all fancied up or even simple things. Well I have made a point of getting dolled up or wearing jewelry just because it's say a Tuesday. Or I've curled my hair to go run errands. I know this sounds so crazy but I think I had a story in my head that all those kinds of things are just for special occasions, but what a better reason than it's a beautiful day! It's been fun. As for this picture, this night I got all decked out for a nice dinner out with my husband for our 23rd anniversary! It was a wonderful night for the two of us to have dinner at a place overlooking our city. We laughed until we cried and soaked in time just the two of us. So I wanted to share a piece of that. I have been committed to exercise and healthy eating for a long time now, but am always open to new changes which have been great with this course. I will turn 46 in a couple weeks and while some my age around me have so many negative things to say with aging, it's such a great feeling to be strong, healthy and feel good in my body. Have a blessed evening.

Susie Meyers Montgomery

I am definitely down inches and the inflammation that caused scar and scar tissue pain is gone.  In addition, I take half as much medicine, than I took in January. I also realized today that I haven’t taken one of my fast-acting pills for panic attacks/anxiety since starting this course!   

I have more genuine conversations with family and friends.  Quite frankly I never imagined having the day I had with my daughter in the bottom picture!   But now I realize I have to imagine and visualize the positive.  I have been able to let go of things that were holding me back for years.  And the 3 PAGES of “shoulds” I lived by when I started this course I will ceremoniously burn.   I feel freer just writing this!   Thank you so much Kate Austin, Paul Greene, Ruth Mayer Hill, and my amazing warrior accountability group!

Jeanine Werth

Before I was a fan of my sofa and of Hallmark movies, that I still love besides 😂😂 

And since the beginning of this journey I have started to reconcile myself a little, a lot and finally passionately with sport!

At the beginning I always found an excuse not to do it, and since the day Paul said have fun with it and showed all the benefits it brings, I fell in love with my rebounder.

I combine it with 7 kms of swimming per week and walking!  Not all together but I try to make at least 30 mins of rebounder 5 days a week.

Sport has boosted my morale, and especially the desire to take care of myself!  And above all, a day without sport has become a day without fun !

Thank you so much Paul Greene and Kate Austin for this wonderful journey which allowed us to push our limits and realize that existing and living were 2 totally different things! 

Valerie Abou

I took this course last year but didn't go to any of the zooms.  First of all, I have no technical abilities so didn't know how to zoom.  It was all new to me.  Also, I like to stay in the background, go unnoticed.  I'm much more comfortable writing my thoughts and telling my stories than speaking them.  My boss at the university where I worked said I had great ideas but never spoke up in staff meetings.

I've broken through something!  I have no trouble speaking to people on a bus or train.  They won't be around long enough to make any judgments of me.    I've traveled alone and eaten out in 5-star restaurants alone and have confidence to do those things.  So I don't really know why anxiety overtakes me when it comes to speaking up, but I've got past that with my group and with Paul, so I must be making progress! 

Jeanette Lemmon

Before & after 

8 weeks later and 20 lbs less

Thank you Kate Austin and Paul Greene for the amazing coaching last night 💖

These photo challenge was a real eye opener for me. There are not many photos of me as I have always avoided them. I never liked myself in photos.

I think that changes now 😁

I'm incredibly blessed to live in one of the most beautiful places. There are 600-year-old oak trees in my front yard.

The wild vines (many of which include some with vicious thorns) began climbing to the top of these trees. In time they can choke the life and vibrancy out of the tree. I made it my mission to remove these vines. I used a small chainsaw and lots of tenacity. Yesterday after hours of this tug of war, I began seeing a correlation between myself and the trees. With each release of these hundreds of yards of damaging vines, I felt my own release. I realized, like the vines on the oak trees, my abusive relationship has been choking the life and vibrancy out of me. I feel tremendously blessed to be out of it, to be strong enough to do such work and to be surrounded by such beauty. I'm grateful beyond measure for this course, Kate and Paul, and all of you wonderful individuals I've met along the journey. May God bless you all in abundance. 💗

Dawn Bryant Hrinevich

After a very special Zoom meeting of our accountability group yesterday 😉☺️ and in view of our last Zoom meeting with Kate Austin, Paul Greene & Dana Lewis Ullerich on Wednesday I would like to share some thoughts.

I am so grateful that this course showed up at a moment when I really needed it.

I'm a very open person when it comes to human interaction, but I've always had problems opening up to new things. In Germany I would never have attended a course like this, as most of them have a very spiritual touch. But Kate & Paul caught me with their FB videos from the start. At that time I realized that I wanted to change my life and that I would not be able to do it on my own.

So I got out of my comfort zone and subscribed. Now ... 8 weeks later ... I couldn’t be happier.

Not only did I change my life in many ways - I'm still me ... just a better version of it than before 🌟

The most important things I've learned are:

- I need to be committed to my goals to be able to reach them

- to be open to trying new things, or you will stick with your old habits forever

- seeing the breakthroughs coming out of a breakdown

- giving up your right to be right is the key to wonderful relationships

- love yourself no matter what

- no matter what age you are - you can create the life you love 💕

I got to know so many awesome people here and of course a special thank you goes to my absolutely amazing accountability girls 🦋♥️ Luv ya 😚

From the first moment we got along so well and friendships developed in this short time 🥰 And of course we will keep our Zoom meetings, WhatsApp chatting, phone calls ...

Even if the course officially ends on Wednesday ... this is just the beginning of a new life for us all and we will continue to work on it together 🍀😊

THANK YOU SO MUCH Kate Austin & Paul Greene for all your generosity sharing your knowledge and tools with us and for always being open to any question or concern.

Another special thank you goes to Ruth Mayer Hill, who is always there for us with an open heart and so open minded ❣️


Bettina Wiring

I have completed two of Kate and Paul’s courses metamorphosis and Phoenix Rising.  From the very beginning, l was unsure of what to expect so l made a  decision to push myself and l went on the very first coaching call and hearing Kate’s advice was life changing knowing l wasn’t complicated as perceived by all my Drs constantly. Hearing Kate’s reassurance was the beginning of an amazing journey.

I had many breakthroughs and many breakdowns and the encouragement from Paul, Kate and the tribe helped me reach so much. During the course, l was in tears with my husband possibly losing his foot. Paul and kate helped me change my way of thinking towards life and not living in fear and negativity and what if’s and instead of being positive, learning not to create the worst but more than anything not to live in fear and l no longer live with fear on a daily basis. 

This was a pure inspiration ceasing medication l had been taking for over 20 years to no longer taking anything l was so proud it was a huge achievement. I was very careful medically but now l get to benefit the long-term damage some of the medications were having on me. I didn’t know until 4 weeks ago one of the medications l had been taking gave me liver damage. The information and tools  provided  totally changed my life.

It was also an extremely emotional time dealing with a trauma. My shoulders were weighed down so heavily as a victim. Now with amazing support l am free l no longer have that heavy weight, l live life to the fullest, and l am trigger-free. My family have noticed so many positive changes l have achieved l am no longer a victim.

Physically the course is amazing but l thought once again l can’t do this but l reached amazing heights that l still find hard to believe l still call it a miracle gaining  the strength to walk. I still have pain but l have learnt l am not a victim and l can challenge myself at my own pace.

When it comes to eating not only do l eat healthier but so does all my family it’s not only an eight week course it’s life-changing forever.

My life has totally changed l live life to the fullest and l have gained amazing friendships for life. I just can’t wait to challenge myself to a deeper level next time around which will not only benefit myself but everyone around me.

Lisa Taylor

Paul & Kate

It is hard to put into words where I was before this journey began. I

was truly in a dark place, unhappy, and questioning my purpose in this

life. When I first saw this program advertised I read a little and

thought another way to lose money and didn't join. During the holidays

this year I knew that I needed a change because I had lost my JOY and I

wanted it back. I have always been a strong woman and hard working. I worked in a prison in Lancaster California level 4 institute for 8 years, I was a single mom for 6 years when my husband and I divorced.

then remarried him and walked another journey with him, managed through several deployments, worrying he would be killed like his friends and finally his accident and that rocked our world.

When I hit my 50's I realized that I am way to old to be dealing with other peoples crap and it discouraged me to the point of turning inward, withdrawing and the joy just drained out of my body. I think I was just tired! BUT then Freedom Alchemist was again present during the holidays this year and I prayed about it and decided to take the leap.

I am so VERY glad I did!!

The tools given to us and the love you both have for wanting to help

people find peace, joy and happiness in their lives just made my cup

runneth over. I couldn't believe that people like yourself would take

the time for us regular (non famous, lol) people to share how you

navigate through this thing called life and live our best life. Thank

you for that! Funny thing is I thought I was would be star struck but

your just you and you care about each and every one of us. I thank the

Lord for you both!

I now am exercising on a regular basis, I am working to change my

family's diet, I have more energy and I have tools to use when I feel

discouraged. I get up early in the morning (0530) drink my celery juice

first thing, then I do my breathing, meditation and prayer. Then I hit

our home gym for my workout and I feel so energetic afterwards. I drink

70oz of water a day and have stopped drinking diet Pepsi. I want so many

people have the freedom that Freedom Alchemist helps give us but I think

each person has to be completely ready to commit and some just are not

I truly look forward to the new way of doing this and I think I will be

a member forever if I could, because the people that are in my life

through this program are so supportive and loving and truly care about

  1. I love hearing the successes of others because it motivates me even

more to keep fighting for me and to remember to put me first! I deserve

to be happy, have joy and live my best life!!!

Thank you, thank you and thank you, Paul & Kate! You'll never truly know

how much I appreciate all that you do for us. Never stop making a

difference for others because I believe God is using you in my life for

SURE! I love you both

Many Blessings,

Kimberly Joy Haynes

Gal 6:9

P.S. note my middle name! Ironic that I lost my joy when my middle name

is Joy. LOL

"2020 was a difficult year for me. Work was very stressful under the COVID conditions and after two operations on the spine as well as another disc prolapse I was taking 

different pain killers up to three times a day against my back pain. I always took care of others and completely forgot about myself.

At the end of the year I realized that things couldn’t go on like this. And then, out of the blue, Kates & Pauls course popped up. 

I can say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. This course has changed my life in so many ways and it was way more then I expected. 

I changed my whole diet to a total heathy one, I eat almost no sugar anymore, have a morning routine with walking & breath work and lost 22 lbs in 9 weeks. In the mind & connection section I have learned a lot about myself and to look at things from different angles. And to be really committed to my goals to reach them and be able to stick with them. 

Best of all: I no longer need any pain killers!!! My start in the day is now full of energy, gratefulness and a positive mindset. And a group of amazing people and my special accountability group are always there for me and help me to pursue my goals even after finishing the course.

Kate and Paul don't just tell you what to do, they give access to an incredible amount of tools and knowledge and show how to take actions. And they are doing it with so much love, kindness, generosity and fun. 

Thank you so much for everything. 

Bettina Wiring
Hamburg, Germany

I took this course on the basis of the testimonies I heard from others on overcoming anxiety. I never imagined that the whole course would be full of information that would give me so many different views to add to my life. I truly took each task to heart and some of it was truly hard to process but ultimately was the key to release of inner chains that needed to be cut.

I can say that even though through social media and zoom I have never had the pleasure to meet Kate and Paul in person but they were true and sincere and felt like friends that I have in my every day life. I felt very easy to open up to them and others in this course and felt like I received so much from the other lovely people who open up and shared as well.

I truly appreciate all the work everyone gave to help organize this and I truly loved being a part of this and look forward to future courses.

Thank you so very much, Truly much love and appreciation for this opportunity!

Tammy Holzbach

I started this journey through Metamorphosis, in the early months of a pandemic with so much uncertainty in the world - and so much fear in my world.  I faced my anxiety through the tools of the course and emerged like a butterfly, ready to make my world a little more colorful.

I continued on through Breakthrough Journey and delved deeper into my mind, body and soul - nourishing all three.

I am full of love and confidence and thankful for the guiding hand of Kate, Paul, Dana and Ruth.  I learned as much from the folks who took these journeys with me as I did from the coursework itself.

I am “juiced” - full of love, energy and motivation to live my most satisfying life.

With much thanks,

Patty Harvell

In a few weeks I went from being negative, not willing to do anything, to being positive and fully in action to work on my dream life. Kate and Paul helped me so much by explaining what was holding me back in my life. Sometimes it was hard but my accountability-group helped me through it. I let go of old pain and forgiveness took it’s place. My heart is filled with grace for getting the opportunity to change my life.

Monique van Melick
Europe (The Netherlands)

I can’t even express how much this course has meant to me from Paul and Kate. The things that they had shared with us I could never afford or over the years half the time they put into this. I feel very blessed that these two people are willing to share what they have learned paid for courses and shared with us. At first I wasI was going to drop out but I didn’t and I am glad that I didn’t. The transformation that has happened to me is amazing my family notices it as does my husband. The transformation of my mind and my body I will do this journey again it was well worth the money that I spent. Thank you so much Paul and Kate and also Ruth. (anonymous)

To say this course is fantastic is an understatement. I entered this class open-minded but had no idea what to expect. I have never had the best esteem but I encouraged others, not myself. This course showed and allowed myself to experience various techniques that allowed the butterfly to breakout from my cocoon. This was more an emotional journey for me but now I am using the tools for a better health journey . The small breakout groups allowed connections of meeting new people and sharing . “Rome was not built in a day.” So my journey will have bumps , pain and heartaches . But now I have tools that I can use to fix the flat tires of life or at least get me to the next pit stop for more help . This journey has enriched my spiritual journey as well . Thanks Kate and Paul. (anonymous)

Breakthrough Journey was my third time through this course and with each journey I have learned new tools as well as cemented my morning routine in place creating a bold and adventurous life style. I continue to take this course for several reasons. I need the accountability for continual growth and I am continuing to learn new tools through the written material as well as the coaching calls. Meeting people from all over the world, from all walks of life, all ages, has opened up my world. As we support and encourage one another through our journey we are creating friendships for a life time. There is freedom to share our struggles, our victories, and our thoughts without judgment and criticism. On Breakthrough Journey, "Cushy-Comfy Neva" was destroyed, never to be retrieved.  "Adventurous Risk-taker" emerged and is growing stronger with each passing day!  

Neva Mayer

Dearest Kate & Paul,

Thankful to have found Paul doing a live one Friday night last August, therefore finding out about this course.

I was in such a rut before taking this course.I had empty nest syndrome again after my son had moved out.It was just the two of us for many years after my divorce.

I concentrated on the body mostly because I needed weight loss .I take many supplements and had lost before but was  @ a standstill. I started drinking the celery juice, exercising again, doing Wim Hof & silence for 15 min,cut out sugar(except for 1 pack of pb crackers a day)started eating healthy and lost 17 1bs now 19 and have set a goal of 20 more by June 1st.

I have learned to acknowledge people more and see a change in their attitude right away.I certainly feel more empowered after educating myself more.

I also was so bored @ my job. Now I get up to stay moving and usually 💃. Thanks so much for giving of yourselves to help others.You helped the lady with suicidal thoughts & so many of us.As the song goes, thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed.Looking forward to our next journey.

With much love,

Teresa Cox

The first of December 2020 Paul Greene popped up on my FB page.  What’s this Breakthrough Journey course he is offering with Kate Austin, Freedom Alchemist?  Paul is an actor & I absolutely love watching him on the Hallmark Channel.  What could I possibly learn from them (although I had read the Alchemist book & got a lot out of it).  I had just started looking for a therapist to help with some deep seeded pain.  Finally, after many times of listening and reading everything Paul & Kate had to offer in their 8 week program, I signed up!!  The WHOLE body is covered!!  We received so much teaching, coaching, resources, feedback & positive support, not only from Paul & Kate, but also positive support from our large group and small groups!!  Life is a Journey and I thank God for the Breakthroughs I experienced.  I’m going back for more!!!❤️❤️❤️ (anonymous)

When I took the course for the first time I didn’t think the course could help me. I was suicidal and tried to take my life. I saw no need to go on. After suffering the loss of close family members I had no self love and did nothing good for myself. I have always been the person everyone  came to for everything. When I needed to go to someone I wouldn’t bc I didn’t want them to think I was weak and couldn’t handle things. After taking the course three times I now know I am worth taking care of. I am also able to ask for help most of the time. I’m still working on that. I’m slowly finding self love for myself. I’m down 38 lbs now. I love my accountability group and made life long friends from around the world! Without this course I’m not sure I would even still be here. Thank you so much Paul and Kate for helping me realize I’m not broken and I do matter.  I am looking forward to continuing my  journey with everyone! I highly recommend this course!!

Sandy Markle

I worked mainly on my health. I had done the Whole30 Challenge that Kate and Paul introduced and it was life changing.  I still have more to work on but what a difference in how I feel and look and can get move and walk so much better.  I am going to continue on this journey.  It has put a bright glowing light with in me. (anonymous)

Kate & Paul you guys are wonderful and so inspirational.  I very much appreciated all the videos, information, reference and coaching zooms.  The journey was great!  I have been drinking the celery juice every morning and enjoy it.  My body is feeling less sluggish since eating for my blood type.  A true eye opener.  I have lost 10 additional lbs after losing 25 lbs doing intermittent fasting that Paul advised in his videos prior to taking course.   Using my 5 minute journal every morning and night helps my days be more production & less procratination.   My daughter will be visitng me soon and will definitely be trying to apply the Conscious Conversation.   So many tools in my tool bag that the two of you so generously give.❤   I just need to remember learn to apply & use them!   I am looking forward to continuing this journey.  Love to both of you 💕💕 (anonymous)

I am so thankful to have experienced this course and all that Kate and Paul have given to us!   True acts of kindness and sharing of knowledge beneficial to everyone.(anonymous)

- My life has totally changed for the better

-  my life has turned a full circle l am far healthier both mentally and physically

- l listen more constantly and enjoy giving acknowledgement to other people and it’s extremely rewarding.

- I enjoy life to the fullest, l love the enjoyment of my morning routine, l have a passion for music and laughter  which comes naturally. I am in such a happy place. My mirror work, breathing and rebounding l love all the healthy techniques which are tools for life.

-  l use fine pink Himalayan salt every second day. I love daily apple cider vinegar and daily mint chloroxygen mint drops l even have my husband drinking the above.  I am so healthier and most of all l love celery juice and it has made my skin healthier and  it’s made such a difference to my life  my face glows.

- self love has brought so much calmness  into my life.

- the reduction of my medication is complete except for my epileptic medication.this Is life life changing. I am in a far healthier space than l have ever been. I was able to cease all pain killers and anti depressants which is a massive breakthrough

- half my clothes are falling of me and people say wow you have lost weight . I have no idea how much l have lost but l feel so energetic

- waking up every morning and feeling so grateful for life. I have so much gratitude 🙏

-  learning about physical activities and the benefits of rebounding for example is not only healthy it’s a fun part of my daily routine

- acknowledgement has become a very big part of my life and l can see how people enjoy being acknowledged. I always used to say thank you but acknowledgement means so much more.

- Accountability groups  are a blessing and offer so much support and beautiful friendships.

- being taught to manage  stress and to combat fear Is life changing and it gives me the confidence now to take on life with such confidence

-  l completed my declaration  that l wrote out myself in the beginning of the course and with the support of Paul and kate and many beautiful ladies  it was achieved and l was so proud of myself and so grateful.

- life is so challenging but Paul and Kate always helped me look at life in a positive perspective or looking at life through a different  light

- My eating habits have changed during Phoenix our family don’t have any sweet things in the house and the love of fresh fruit and vegetables ,meat and chicken is our family’s stable diet with no fast food.

- it’s not only me that has grown during Phoenix my family has benefited from this amazing course .l would recommend  this course to anyone not only for themselves but for there family.

My life will never be the same this course has been an amazing journey and l will be forever grateful 💗

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support Kate and Paul.

Lisa Hewish (Taylor)

After living with a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia for the past 25+ years, I had lost hope of ever living a happy, healthy, productive life with “less pain” because with Fibro there is no cure. But I came upon a “miracle couple” that  turned into a life-changing happening for me.  This was truly a Godsend, Paul Greene and Kate Austin were Godsends! 

With their teachings, love and support, I have a totally new positive outlook on my future and my chronic illness!  I control it now, it no longer controls me!  

Their techniques have taught me what I need to do mentally and physically to create a new beautiful me and the process continues to unfold each and every day! 

Years of going to doctors, trying new meds….mostly antidepressants because pain pills did not work for me….and after trying several,  the antidepressants were horrible and only made me feel hateful and depressed.  It happens a lot with Fibro.  Opposite effects with drugs or just being allergic to them. Tried physical therapies only to endure more pain, pain management & chiropractors. Same no help, more pain.  Thus I felt hopeless and just gave up and suffered with pain and also high blood pressure brought on by stress and anxiety & was given Xanax for the panic and anxiety attacks. That did help but also knocked me out.

But these two “magical souls” have found a way to naturally heal both mentally and physically with exercise, breathing techniques, mind connections and much, much more!!  

 I never though I would be up and jumping for 35+minutes a day on a rebounder.  I never thought I’d be able to lift my arms up again w/o complete muscle & shoulder pain that doctors couldn’t fix.   I have transformed myself from being a negative, shy, unhappy, depressed, & hopeless person into a vibrant, positive, healthy, mobile person that wants to learn more and get better and better, mentally & physically, every day!! 

      “Paul & Kate, your techniques through years of learning, training & teaching and especially your love for others, is having a totally life-changing effect on me.  I have so much gratitude, love, and respect for you both!! I love you both and thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Diane Ballenger

Hi Paul and Kate 

I just wanted to say how much you guys mean to me back on Feb 17/2020 I got hurt at work then 3-4 weeks  later covid hit and then everything closed before that I wasn't in a very good place I was depressed was way back in 2003 ex left me for someone else. So I have 3 boys my oldest is going 29 and twins 24. Who are the loves of my life. The day that the ex left me I took 200 T1 with codeine that is like tylenol #3 they almost lost me 3 times that day what made me open my door was the 3 visions of my 3 great men my boys didn't want to leave them with their dad. Then back in 2012-13 I was sick all the time in 2006 I did have a goiter and came back in 2013 they removed the thyroid and sent that to go get tested and that came back thyroid cancer that day in March 2013 cancer free since that was the same day that both my dad and I had found out that we had health problems him his heart 3 blocked arteries and me thyroid cancer and Jan 6/2014 my Dad passed away 1 week before my birthday. Then because of my health problems the year before I was off work recovery from my thyroid cancer my body had a hard time adjusting to the meds and I was off work because of it they sent me a registered letter on April 1 /2014 that if I don't take the buy out package they where offering people they were going to fire me and u want to know why I was on the perks for so long because back in 2006 they said that I couldn't wear my hearing aids on the factory floor because they r protecting my hearing I said to them what hearing I have none without my hearing aids on anyways took them 9 months to accommodate me and in that 9 months I got hurt because they wouldn't do what I asked them to do accommodate me because I can't wear my hearing aids on the floor. So when my dad died I got that letter saying I had to take the buy out or be fired my union was no help. I was out of work for 3 yrs before someone took a chance on me. Also I have been bullied raped because I couldn't hear very well I didn't know that I have to speak up and when my parents found out when I was older they always told me that I can and not I can't and I try to bring that with me everywhere I go.

Now for my testimonials now Paul and Kate I call them my human Angels because I just happened to start watching Paul's live concerts and Kate and Paul brought up this course they r having it is a 6 week course but they added 2 extra weeks now remember I have been in the house home alone not in a good place because of being alone and in pain. Paul and Kate have gotten me to push thought the pain and don't let it ruin your life u take control of your destiny because u r the only one that can do it and once u do that u will see all the door to open up. I have not been able to do everything right  now but they have helped me in others ways Paul told me to get on bone broth and celery juice and I do the mean green juice and Paul and Kate get u thinking about things and how can u make it better and I just had surgery a week ago and I have been icing my shoulder instead of taking pain meds I can hear Paul saying that cold showers will help the body heal.

Personally I am going to recommend everyone to try this course they r wonderful amazing people I have my Dad as my Heaven Angel and Paul and Kate r my human angle because Paul and Kate ask u to be honest with yourself and answer the tough questions because if they didn't hold me accountable to myself I don't think I would be here today if it wasn't for Paul Kate and my tribe sisters love u Kate and tribe sisters 

I just needed to add to this I am ready to go out and put my heart back out there but scared because I wear my heart on my sleeve and don't want to get hurt again 

Love u all 

Mary Ann Treleaven

 I highly recommend this course by Paul Greene & Kate Austin.

If you have ever thought of life coaching but wondered about time to do it, just stop and look no further. This course will change your life. It will create a positive energy within you to learn more about yourself. Best of all you have the freedom to do the course at your own pace and a time you dictate. You won’t regret spending the money on this course. Paul & Kate are inspiring, loving and in true leaders.

This course has taught me the importance of a morning & night time routines, how they set you up for great day as well as end your day so you are ready to begin tomorrow.

The importance of self love, taking the time to fill up my own cup by using various tools. Through this I have learned the power of my mind and the words I use towards myself. I have more confidence, greater sense of calm and peace within myself. I have gained a greater understanding of various feelings. This course has set me up with a lot of tools to not only start me but to continue on the right path of this journey of my life moving forward. The bonus in all this is I get to do this with an amazing support system of tribe sisters I have gained through taking this fantastic course. 

I am so grateful to Paul & Kate for all they have taught me. They will always have a special spot in my heart.

Aime Porter

I am one who always strives for self-improvement. Many times that I have attempted in my own manner. I have heard about “life coaching” numerous times, yet each and every time, I would develop an immediate reaction of hesitation … does this type of training really accomplish change for the better? Will it simply be a cheerleading session? The doors would shut quickly on the idea of giving it a shot. Then, it would be back to my own conjured up ways of making change in my life with very little success.

However, when I happened to come across some social media videos of Paul Greene and Kate Austin speaking about their life coaching journey, my curiosity piqued. There was this magical spark between the two of them that drew me in. For some reason, I felt an immediate connection and a need to be inspired by these two individuals. I decided to open the doors and go for it.

After 8 weeks on a journey with these two incredible and knowledgable coaches, I have become and still becoming a new being. I have discovered that there is hope for me to be a genuinely happy person. My outlook has shifted, my desires have changed, my thirst for development has strengthened, and my spirit has lifted. Feeling more alive emotionally without being lost and healthy in an abundance of ways is just the tip of the iceberg. There were no special ties with this program either - no promoting of someone or something specifically or name-dropping - nor was there an overly crowded amount of individuals participating — too many and it’s overwhelming for the participants and sometimes hard to keep in some sort of decent pace. This was the REAL DEAL.

My journey will continue on my own and with my new founded and forever life coaches, Paul and Kate, as I know I am going to climb to amazing heights and never look back.

Victoria Scott

I have lost over 10lbs since we started.  I am for almost 2 weeks now drinking celery juice every morning before I go to work at 6:00am. 

Also the intermittent fasting.  Doctor has me doing it too for Pre Diabetes.  

I also have every intention to do the course again.  

I cannot Than You and the ladies enough for always being there the few times I have reached out. 

Much Love and Gratitude to All


I did forget I do the breathing exercises too!!!  Especially when I get stressed or irritated at work😬

Donna Milsted

Life was passing me by - I just didn't want to admit it! Nearing my 77th birthday, I thought I was enjoying each day as much as possible - to it's fullest. My primary concern was when would the day arrive that my husband would no longer remember me! I watched as he lost more and more of his ability to focus, to remember; his laughter and enjoyment of life were gone due to Alzheimer's. I told myself that I was fulfilled, happy and at peace with life and I fed that lie with whatever I could find to eat; only requirement was that sugar was the first ingredient!

When Ruth mentioned that she had signed up for the course again, I heard inside my head...."I need to do that". Prayed about it and thought about it for a couple of days. I had witnessed some positive steps that Ruth had made through the last class, so I decided to give it a try. I signed up to see if I could, forever, break my sugar addition and to once again exercise. I had been successful for periods of time in the past (once for even a couple of years) but always came back to the addiction and would quit exercising. Through the years I had been emotionally healed from my past, so now I said I ate, just because I liked the taste. "I might as well enjoy the last few years I have left, and eat whatever I want". At least this is what I told myself, as I ate another handful of candy! This class was to be my motivation to becoming physically fit!

Freedom has far exceeded my expectations! I have learned so much about myself, both physically and emotionally. Yes, the sugar addiction has been forever broken....FOREVER BROKEN!! I am once again exercising and enjoying it because of how it makes me feel....stronger, powerful, beautiful, truly excited with what each new day brings. One of the assignments in the beginning of the class was to visualize what your life will look like in the future; what do I want my life to look like in the 80's or the 90's? Honestly, I skipped that assignment - life in the 70's have not been the greatest - I don't want to even think about the 80's or the 90's. I did not realize it, but I was in survival mode and that means that I was unable to think creatively. Even though I skipped this assignment I did other assignments...in fact most of them. Usually on Monday's I would review the entire week and then go back and go through them step by step. I like to view the forest first and then look at each tree! I did not even realize how all the little steps of making changes in my physical and in the way I thought would lead to a life-changing breakdown, leading to a life-changing breakthrough, culminating in an amazing celebration!

One of my passions is to study the Bible...to dig into what the Hebrew and Greek words mean and then ponder how it applies to me today. A verse that I often quoted to myself is John 10:10: "The thief does not come except to steal, destroy and kill. I (Jesus) have come that Neva may have life and have it more abundantly."  I had allowed the sugar addiction, laziness, Alzheimer, survival mode to steal, destroy and kill my joy. But no longer....I am enjoying life...abundantly full of joy, peace, excitement, power, strength, creativity. I am authentic - enjoying all that my God purposed and intended for me to enjoy. I am not speaking of spending eternity with Him....I am speaking of this very moment...this day and all that it brings me to experience.

One of the greatest communication tools I have learned is in regards to my relationship with my husband and his present condition. I no longer grieve over what I have lost in our relationship, but I celebrate and acknowledge who he is today. I watch for those moments that bring us joy. I have learned communication skills that help him to know that we are walking through this together - he is not alone. I have even written a declaration about his Alzheimer's.  "Alzheimer's will not steal, destroy or kill our relationship. My God is more powerful than any disease and I declare this day that together, we have overcome this disease." We have had so many special times together as I practice these skills. We are laughing together...we are loving one another in ways that we have never experienced before. I shall ever be thankful and grateful for Kate and Paul's teaching and help as I have navigated my way to a forever healthier and authentic me!

There is so much more I could say to both of you, but for me....this has been the most life changing tool I learned from your teachings, your way of communicating truth to me. Because you are authentic, your teaching is authentic. I praise God for both of you and for being a part of my journey! And I pray God's blessing upon you and that you will know the "path you are to walk" (Jeremiah 29:11).

Love you both!  And looking forward to navigating my way through the class again, again, and again!

Neva Mayer

I came upon this course through Paul’s FB concerts.

I was newly retired and had not yet found my groove.

Then, Covid came upon us.

I was bored and over eating.

I was scared of the unknown.

So I signed up for the freedom alchemist.  

I contemplated the free 2 weeks and decided instead to go for it.  

I started the course and concentrated on the body and not the connection to self and/or mind portion.  Initially, my biggest declaration was to give up drinking diet soda.  I decided this was money well spent if I accomplished just that.  I quickly found that Kate’s portion of the course was just as important.  They go hand in hand.  I realized I needed to love myself before I could take care of myself.  That is the biggest breakthrough for me.  I thought I was pretty together as I had a wonderful childhood with great parents, and I have wonderfully supportive family and friends.   But I dug a little deeper and saw I had room for self improvement.  I am learning to put myself first.  That does not come easy for me.  I love to give and do for others - and the people in my life give and do back for me.  But I also worry too much about others.  It all seemed to be working until this course made me realize I wasn’t taking care of myself.  I worry about things that are out of my control and I am learning to let go of incessant worrying by deep breathing exercises, eating better, sleeping better and moving my body more.  

Living in New York State where Covid was initially at its worse in the US, sitting in front of CNN with soda and chips in my hand constantly watching the news, worrying about my daughter working as an RN at Harvard Medical Center’s critical care unit taking care of the worst of the worst of Covid patients, was a recipe for disaster for me.  When Kate and Paul said to turn off the news, I knew they were speaking to me.  My daughter has noticed the change in me.  She recently told me she loves to

call me on the phone now because I am no longer telling her how worried I am for her safety at work.  I am positive and light hearted and it gives her a boost after a hard day at the hospital.  She is so happy that I took this course and I am

working through my fears.  A win-win for

both of us.

I was a little intimidated by some of the folks who had daily revelations, breakthroughs and breakdowns.  I did the work but was too shy to share.  But I embraced these women and found myself cheering them on and when I did post something, they cheered me right back.  I did not participate in the zoom conversations.   Early on I tried, but I wasn’t called on, and I was content to listen and learn from others questions - and I absorbed the answers.

I bought a juicer and I drink organic celery juice daily.  I gave up soda pop and I drink tons of water and chloroxygen.  I take Calm at night.  I bought a rebounder and I use it daily and I enjoy it.  I sit less and walk more.  I eat less sugar and more vegetables. I use the zero app every say.   I am slowly changing out my pantry to healthy cleaning products.  I buy organic.  I do not let aluminum foil touch my food.  I changed deodorants and soaps and I

learned about alkalines.  I talk less and listen more.  I feel better and look better.  I am so proud of myself for taking and embracing this course.

Thank you Kate and Paul for your extraordinary passion, care and love.  Your course has changed my life.

And especially thank you for the gift of Ruth Hill.  She has been so hands on and a great support to all of us.  I could not have navigated this course without her.  She knows how I feel as I tell her about

once a week.

My love to you both and I hope the next 5 months flies by so you can be back in each other’s arms.  You are a dynamic duo.

Every kind wish,

Patty Harvell

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I wasn’t going to say anything on the call last night (because I didn’t get a chance to write it all down, plus I didn’t want to take too much time) and then Paul Greene called me out. Turns out that was exactly what I needed. (THANK YOU!!)

I had been feeling down for about a week. I let all the things going on around me get to me. In addition to what I mentioned last night, COVID has canceled multiple trips this year. I was supposed to be at Disney World this week with my family. I was also feeling down because I have been trying to kick my sugar habit as I feel that’s the one thing holding me back. Lots of things happening all at once plus the uncertainty of the school year. 

Also, with the material this week talking about the six human needs, I realized how much I need connection/love and significance/contribution. With COVID, I’ve been away from my family. My parents have their share of health problems and my sister is expecting a baby in November. I’ve stayed away because our county is high in cases and I wanted to play it safe. We live 2 hours away. 

However, my thinking now is onward and upward! I started to change my state yesterday when my thoughts went south. I went for a long walk with a friend and talked and laughed. Grabbed my camera and took some pictures (I love nature photography). Hopped on the rebounder, and also did a hard workout with my kids. I dove into my gratitude and focused on that. 

That being said, I have made some awesome progress... 

I no longer drink soda but instead drink over 80 oz of water every day.

I reconnected with my oldest sister.

I lost over 4 inches in my waist and have lost just under 10 pounds. My goal was 10 pounds so I will get there!! I attribute this to celery juice every day, eating healthier, daily walks and workouts. 

I have confidence. I feel good about my body and focus on how strong it is and what I love about it! 

I am not afraid to share my opinions or thoughts. I speak up more. 

I have made new friends and am feeling so much love!! Thank you, tribe!! 

I am becoming more in the moment with everyone. I listen when people talk. I love this and am getting to know people on a deeper level than I usually would. 

I continuously look for ways to make the world better and contribute. I love giving and making others feel loved/included/that they matter.

I am present more with my kids and husband. When I talk with them/play with them, my phone is away. 

I am committed to learning more every day. I do this by reading more books and diving deeper into topics that I either want to know more about or topics that I don’t really know anything about. 

I am sure there are others but this is what I can think of now.

Thank you, Paul, Kate and my tribe. I love you all. I look forward to the next 8 weeks!!

Jill Bubolz

My original ‘Why’ for joining this course, not knowing what I was getting myself into, was to learn about loving myself, being healthier, losing weight, and learning everything I could from others who have been doing the work successfully.

Before the course, I had always told myself I was not a ‘morning person’. I was not exercising and I was having trouble being motivated to lose weight. My energy levels were low – wanting (needing) a nap after work each day.

NOW – I am exercising 5-6 times a week and I am not needing a nap in the afternoons. I am getting up about 1 hour earlier to do a morning routine of walking, breathing, daily devotional reading, and making my bed (which I’ve never seen the point of, since I live alone). I have lost some weight and as my mom says, ”You have a lilt in your step that I haven’t seen in a long time.”  I have always shown integrity with others but I am consciously aware of having that same integrity with myself and  I am honoring the words I say to myself. I have always been grateful for God’s blessings, but I am being more intentional with my gratefulness, which brings joy to me and others around me.

The lesson each week is easy to work through and full, full, full of information from readings to videos and enough information to pick what makes me curious for more. I have also been able to share some of the information with others to help them along their own journey.I have loved and learned so much from the weekly Coaching Calls, they are amazing! 

I am thankful for the introduction to the tribe of generous women that are so encouraging! I’m also thankful that I will have access to this course for a year - I plan on making more progress, especially in the area of opening up my heart to others. I still feel like I’m protecting my heart and remaining a little closed off. Something to work on for sure.

But most of all I am thankful for Kate and Paul and the contribution that you’ve made to helping me live my best life. God bless you both and I can not thank you enough for everything! 

With love and gratefulness,

Sheila Pruitt

If I was asked to describe how this program impacted my life in one word that word would be FREEDOM. This has been one of the best, freeing, adventures of my life. I have learned so many wonderful things about my body, my mind, and my relationships. I am a healthy, strong, and beautiful woman who is realizing her dreams! I owe it all to this course. I have made some of the best friends I have ever had in my life. My husband and I have rekindled the fire we had when we first met 16yrs ago. I feel young and vibrant. I have lost weight and inches, yes but that is just the tip of the  iceberg. When I walk into a room now I own it. People respond to me in a very different manner now. They truly see me.

Jessica Burtt (Trumpeter)

A few years ago, I wrote a 40 day journal when I did a 40 day fast from sugar and junk food.  I figured if God could fast for 40 days so could I, right? After my first day God spoke to me and told me to search through scripture each day until I found something to help get me through  and then write about it.  It was so amazing how the words jumped out to me each day.  I decided to turn that journal into a blog to try and help others with their addiction.  Well, sadly I went back to my bad eating habits and I only made a few entries in my blog.  I told Ruth that  I kept putting it off because I felt if I wasn't practicing what I wrote, I would feel like a hypocrite.  But then earlier tonight I told myself, if I write it and keep it going, I just may turn myself around again. After all, when we give, we receive.  My focus should be on others, not myself.  So, I decided that I would hop back on my blog and take this one day at a time and one blog entry at a time.   Then later this evening, I watched the video Paul Greene posted right after I declared to get my blog back up and running .  See, whenever you put something out to the universe, something comes along to confirm it.  The video confirmed that I don't want to be that person who dies and didn't do anything with my gifts of writing and encouraging others because I didn't feel ready.  Think of the people I could help even if I don't feel ready.  Just that thought alone is going to be worth all the time and effort to just DO IT ANYWAYS!!!  Can't wait to get started again!!!  Feeling so blessed and grateful 🦋🦋🦋

Terry Lobb

When I started taking this course, I was not in a good place mentally or physically. It gave me the tools that I needed to make better choices for myself and find my way to freedom and to love myself again. I have a great outlook on life now and I have so many new friends. This is definitely the best thing that I have ever done for myself. Thank you Paul and Kate from the bottom of my heart.

Cheryl Ferguson

Hi all! I think this is a breakthrough for me! My doc called and they want to put me on insulin most likely and now step up to an endocrinologist. I believe I can reverse my A1C without doing this- so here we go! My sweet and caring son Noah (pictured with me) had a heart to heart with me yesterday and he is partnering up with me on working out, intermittent fasting, and eating better.  He’s moving out with a roommate in a month, so I’m so grateful for this time with him. Started yesterday with a 4 mile hike and dropped my sugar 150 points!

Carla Moss Nellis

Okay ladies and Paul Greene. A huge shift change for me.  Before I started this course I  was a chocoholic and I  craved chips etc. Now I can walk though the stores without having to pick those things up. I still enjoy a sweet treat once in a while, but that's okay too. After all, I heard chocolate is a vegetable🤣

Judy Gibson

Got to sleep in this morning and I went to bed early.  I think my body is finally responding to all my changes I’ve been making, as I’ve had a good solid 5 days of quality sleep.  Each day I’ve been falling asleep earlier in the evening and getting a deeper better quality of sleep and not waking up as much and waking up feeling more rested.  I’ve been consistently getting between 7-8hrs a night. 🙂. 

So huge for this chronic insomniac!!!

Kristy Simons

🌟🌟Another break though this week for me. My hubby started drinking 8 oz of fresh organic Celery juice a few days ago. I make us both 8 oz each night before going to bed. I cover our cups and sealed them to chill over night n the refrigerator. We both have it the next morning 🙌🙌 We are gradually working towards the 16 oz which has been highly recommended by Kate Austin and Paul Greene ✅✅

Cheryl Henchar

I did it!!! Got my juicer yesterday, bought a bag of organic celery stalks. After my 2 mi walk with my husband at 6am, (I was off last night for our wedding anniversary yesterday, yes, Paula Watters, I do off nights too), I did my 1st cold shower wim hof style. 

Made use of my juicer & got 500 ml (16 oz) of celery juice, drank it all down after deep breathing(sorry, never liked celery), & I’m so so happy. Sent my husband back to the grocery store to buy more bags of organic celery stalks. 

Yeessss, celery juice to the max. Onward to healthy living. Thank you, my metamorphosis tribe. I have been reading all your comments regarding the celery juice, wim hof & the priming. I feel good & accomplished🦋🦋🦋

Maria Trifona Reyes-Silverman

So I had a breakthrough. 

We get to decide what we bring to every situation and circumstance. 

So I was in a situation where someone was very aggressive, angry, and high energy in response to a conversation we just started. 

I remained calm.  My breathing kicked in and I felt like I was just watching the other person react from a place that had nothing to do with me. I was just on the receiving end of a rant. I just watched and didn’t interrupt. 

When it was over I stated that I felt that the conversation was not authentic. I then said that I’d listen if they wanted to talk to me about what was really the issue. I didn’t say anything else. 

 I waited.  I was calm and peaceful. 

Eventually they apologized and told me what was really wrong. 

Later in the day, they apologized again. 

Thank you Kate Austin for your teaching in this course. I feel like I could learn so much from you.

Deborah Atwell

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!!! Keep those beatiful smiles rockin'!!💞 I thought I'd share a breakthrough this morning before our company arrives for the weekend. ➡️I'm ACTUALLY drinking water....😂 ➡️Not like a sip here and there, but thoroughly all day every day!😳  Not to mention I'm now actually sleeping peacefully instead of waking up exhausted from all the crazy dreams I had. (Apperently caffeine does weirder stuff than I thought!😬)  I'm at a fresh point now where my brain and thinking are so much clearer that my mind is like, "Hello, Tabitha! Nice to meet you again! I don't know where you've been,  but I'm happy to have you back!"😍😂😂 I don't even recognize this new chic who reaches for the water all the time, but I do know I love her!!! 🤩😍💃🕺 Have a beautiful weekend all you wonderful souls! #BeBlessed 🦋🐞🌼🐝🌷

Tabitha E. Dodd

Many of you know that I have been out of work since January 2019, when I had to take time off to help care for my Mom. She passed in October of last year and I have been looking for a job ever since. Today I went for an interview for a school bus driver position. I  start training on October 13th which is a year, minus a day, since my Mom left this earth. I am very nervous about this new adventure.  Pray that I do well with the training.  

I am empowered by taking this course and am taking a huge step for me into the unknown. Thanks to my sisters(you know who you are) for pushing me and encouraging me in this new venture. Thanks Kate Austin and Paul Greene for giving me the tools to be bold!!

Judy Gibson